Urine Drug Screening

No pain practice would be complete without an all-encompassing urine drug testing program, with ACOEM, the American Pain Society, Pain Medicine, and many other organizations advocating for such testing programs. In fact, urine drug testing for long-term prescribing of opiates is now mandated in several states. Opting for a top-notch program such as our's will help you determine patient adherence to the medication prescribed and protect against deviation and abuse.

Capital Diagnostics offers you flexibility with a variety of options to choose what is best for your practice. Learn more below about our screening and confirmatory services that combine the immediate result of an in-office test cup with the power of LC/MS/MS, a highly accurate and highly sensitive instrument used for confirming results.


CLIA waived point-of-care devices are a critical component of a Risk Assessment Program. Our expanded 12-Panel urine cup provides physicians with the most thorough list of drugs to help determine adherence to a treatment program.


Physicians are advised to confirm the results of the in-office testing due to the high cut-off level and possibility for false positives. Our laboratory will verify the result using a more selective technique such as LC/MS/MS that can be reviewed during the patient's next office visit. LC/MS/MS also gives you the ability to test for many more drugs and drug classes than an in-office test alone. Our specially designed test panels and easy-to-interpret reports make the process straightforward.

Drug Testing Panels: Avant-garde Laboratory

Cutting-edge and extensive, our laboratory facilities make use of superior equipment, such as LC/MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) systems. LC/MS/MS is quickly becoming the gold standard for carrying out drug confirmational testing. It allows us to perform multi-drug class analyses with shorter turnaround times and allows for lower drug detection limits than any equipment available. The power of LC/MS/MS is also its great adaptability in adding on NEW emerging illicit drug classes such as K2/Spice & Bath Salts included in our comprehensive panel.